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Phuket International Soccer 7s - Football tournament - Phuket, Thailand.
The Phuket International Soccer 7s are Football Tournaments held on the beautiful and popular Thailand tourist destination of Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea.
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2012 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (90 teams)

2012 Songkran Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (20 teams)

2011 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (75 teams)

2010 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (74 teams)

2010 Phuket Spicy 7s

Phuket Sevens (12 teams)

2009 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (64 teams)

2009 Phuket Spicy 7s

Phuket Sevens (13 teams)

2008 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (62 teams)

2008 Bangkok Soccer 7s

Bangkok Sevens (12 teams)

2007 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (48 teams)

2007 Bangkok Soccer 7s

Bangkok Sevens (12 teams)

All Thai Soccer 7s Winners

Since the Thai Soccer 7s in 2003

2013 Songkran Soccer 7s

13 April 2013

2013 Sawasdee Soccer 7s

July 2013

2013 Andaman Soccer 7s

16-17 November 2013

2013 Phuket Soccer 7s

23-24 November 2013

2013 Womens Soccer 7s

16-17 November 2013

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Some basic rules to get you started...
The tournaments shall be played in accordance to FIFA Laws of the game except where there shall be no offside and interchange of players. All participating should note that by accepting the invitation to this tournament they are deemed to have accepted and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations as contained in the Official Phuket International Soccer 7s' Tournament Rules. A Disclaimer and Indemnity Form must be duly signed by the team representative and returned to the Tournament Organiser prior to their first game being played. There will be 3 levels of competition – Cup, Plate & Bowl – and both winners and runners-up at each level will receive trophies to mark their achievement and each player in these teams is also awarded with a medallion.

FIFA rules will apply
Registration of maximum of 12 players
15 minute per game
70m x 45m pitch with full size goals
Rolling substitution
No Offside

The complete, detailed rules will be provided once we have your registration.

Our team of referees:
If you want to join our team of referees contact us!

Brad Sargent (Australian)

Dear Football Players,
II would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the 2010 Edition of the Phuket International Soccer 7s. For those that do not know me, I have been refereeing at the Thai7s since 2005 and have been coming back with referees ever since. This year Perry and I have brought with us some fresh recruits in the form of experienced referees from Singapore. We hope they will join us on many more occasions in the years to come. It is great to meet up with so many people that I have met over the years as well making with friends with players from teams that have joined the tournament for. II wish all the participating teams the best of luck for the tournament and I hope you enjoy your time in Thailand.
To all of the Teams participating in the tournament for the first time I am sure you will enjoy your experience both on and off the field. Be sure to attend the tournament opening party and presentation nights, it's a great time to party and enjoy the fantastic nightlife of Phuket and to enjoy a fun weekend of football. I began refereeing in 1989 and have officiated in both Professional and Amateur Leagues across Australia, Europe and South East Asia with my highlight being given the opportunity to referee some of the biggest clubs in the world such as Liverpool, Glasgow Rangers, Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord. Currently I am based in Singapore I live, work and of course referee. I look forward to refereeing all of the participating teams and enjoying a few quiet drinks with you all (send me home if I am partying too hard on the Friday or Saturday Nights as I am sure Tim and Alain will agree).
All the best,


Mark Finestone "Chopper" (Australian)

Dear Football Players,
I started Referring in 2002 I was fortunate to be selected to go to state tournaments for further development with some of Australia's top Referee's.
Since then I have officiated at various levels from Darwin Womens & Mens Premier league to Under 21's Internationals (Australia v Chile) and also the Arafura Games and Timor Cup.
This year I have been again fortunate to be asked to officiate at the Phuket International Soccer 7s and I am looking forward to seeing some great football and making new friends within the refereeing world.
See you on the Park.

Rosley Abdul Samad (Singaporean)

Hello everyone,
I have start refereeing in 1995 in Singapore till now, and have been in the Management Committee for the Football Referees' Association of Singapore since 1999. An Honorary Secretary for FRAS was a privilege and travelling around Europe & Asia getting contact with our fellows referees' is a pleasure to me till now.
Had been officiating in Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand. All the best to the participating teams and to Alain & Tim we hope every year this tournament will be a more and more successful.
Cheers guys.

Werner Urech (Swiss)

I used to play football for more than 30 years and beside that I became a referee for my club in Switzerland and officiated games in the amateur league.
Some 25 years ago I moved to Japan, played in numerous leagues and upon hanging up my boots, I continued refereeing mainly in the Tokyo Metropolis League.
I am partly living in Tokyo and Krabi. Recently I often officiated games for the Krabi Bigfoot Kickers.

Pornthep (Thai)

Based in Phuket, Pornthep is our Thai chief referees since many years for the Phuket Soccer 7s. He is a great guy always smilling and a well experienced referee for international soccer 7s tournaments.

Suchat (Thai)

Suchat is based in Phuket and has a rich experience as referee with the Thai and expat communities for various soccer games and tournaments in the island.

Sarah Willington (Wales)

Dear Football Players,
I have been refereeing now for 3 years and have an achieved
a lot within various tournaments such as, Arafura Games, Timor Cup, Welsh Womens & Youth league, School Sports Australia, Darwin Football League, International 7-A-Side Defence Days, but most importantly this will be my 2nd Phuket Sevens Tournament.
After Last year I'm so looking forward to seeing some great football and catching up with players old and New. Also to make this year exciting I'm looking forward to the Womens tournament and hoping it can be as if not more successful than the mens.
See You on The Park!

Syed Idrosais (Singaporean)

This will be my first Andaman 7's. As a player, I use to played professionally in Singapore and an Ex-National player. After retiring from professional soccer I switch to referees.
With FRAS I able to officiate in Singapore an overseas. Looking forward for my first tournament in Phuket and hopes many more to come.
Best of luck to the teams and RESPECT this beautiful games.
Syed Idros

Adly Esmady (Singaporean)

Experience referees, being around since 1995.
Officiating in National Football League in Singapore.

Abdul Halim (Singaporean)

A Full Time FRAS Referee in Singapore.
Officiating in D2D League & ESPZEN League.
Available to officiate 24/7.

Sritheran (Singaporean)

Hi everyone,
Would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Have been officiating the professional and amateur leagues in Singapore.
Have been enjoying myself a lot in my refereeing career.
I also refereed last year tournament here. It has been great to know everyone last year referees and players. Hope to make more frens this year. Looking forward to this year's tourney.
Thanks to Alain and Tim for organizing... And FRAS for the opportunity. Best of luck to all the participating teams...

Abdul Manaf (Singaporean)

Hi all,
This is my first time officiating in Phuket. Before I became a referee, I use to played semi-professionally in numerous club in Singapore as a player in between the post.
Has been officiating in Singapore league and last year Borneo Cup tournament in Sabah. Best of luck to all and all the best.
Let's The Game Begin.
Abdul Manaf

Mohd Salleh (Singaporean)

Greeting to all,
This will be my first Andaman 7's. Have been officiating in Singapore leagues for the past 15 years and still enjoy the games. Thanks to FRAS for this opportunity and hope will be able to do more overseas game in future. Look forward to make new friends and best of luck to all participating teams. FAIR PLAY to all in and out of field.
Mohd Salleh

Steve Johnston (United Kingdom)

Hailing from the Wirral in the U.K. Steve Johnston is a keen Tranmere Rovers fan but don't hold that against him because he has enjoyed some very memorable nights at Prenton Park. Steve is a qualified English FA referee after getting his badge whilst working in R.A.F. Akrotiri in Cyprus in 2004. Steve has been playing amateur football for many years and was also a qualified coach for under 16 year olds which led him to become reserve team manager of Morecambe FC when his good friend Jimmy Harvey took over as manager in 1994. When Steve moved to Dubai for the second time in 2007 he refereed in the local leagues and he has only been in Phuket just over four months and is the Division 1 referee for the Phuket Super Six league on a Wednesday night


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