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Phuket International Soccer 7s - Football tournament - Phuket, Thailand.
The Phuket International Soccer 7s are Football Tournaments held on the beautiful and popular Thailand tourist destination of Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea.
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2013 Songkran Soccer 7s

13 April 2013

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July 2013

2013 Andaman Soccer 7s

16-17 November 2013

2013 Phuket Soccer 7s

23-24 November 2013

2013 Womens Soccer 7s

16-17 November 2013

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2013 Andaman International Soccer 7s Teams
(2nd Phuket International Womens Soccer 7s - 16 and 17 November 2013)

Open Womens Category (12 teams)

Team Name


Team Name


Bangkok Women's FC


Phuket Shop FC




Sorrento Stomers



Hong Kong

Kelmscott Roos


Mindil FC Tigers


Winchester Isla FC


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Welcome from Sarah Willington (Tournament Referee)
Welcome to the Phuket 7s Football Tournament Bought to you for your enjoyment by Tim and Alain. The Phuket 7s have been running for 10 years and the womens tournament is to help take this event to the next level.
The Thanypura Sports & Leisure Centre is a world class venue and it is a pleasure to be able to officiate at this ground along with my fellow referees from around the world.
Phuket is a great place to shop, relax by the beach, or see some great sights and attractions.
I look forward to meeting you at the Welcome Party which is being held at Soi Crocodile and also Celebrating with you all at the Awards Party which is to be held at the Tai Pan Night Club but most importantly i'm looking forawrd to seeing you guys play some great football.
I hope you enjoy your stay in Phuket.
See you on the Park

Teams Descriptif
All teams are invited to provide a team picture, logo and colour, players nationality,
with a short resume that will be presented in the Tournament Programme and Website.


Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Team Color: Navy blue and White
Captain: Brianna Wianecki, Kerry Meaden-Kendrick
Players: Thailand, USA, Australia, UK, Canada.

We are so excited to represent Thailand in the Thai 7’s tournament. We have big hopes for our debut as a team. Our players come from all over the world and bring different talents to our squad. We are looking to have a great time with some great competition! Being the home team, we hope to make Thailand proud!

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FMR Singapore (Singapore)

Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Team Color: Blue
Captain: Sandy Bagget
Players: USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore.

We are very honored to take part in this prestigious tournament and also representing Foundacion Real Madrid Technical Academy Singapore, formerly known as Espzen Soccer School. Our team consist of ladies from all over the world are eager to compete and give a good competition to others in this tournament. Hala Madrid!

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Country: Hong Kong
City: Hong Kong
Team Color: Blue & Yellow (2 jerseys)
Captain: Lita Lau
Players: All Over the World

"Goodbellas is a social, competitive team based in Hong Kong with a truly international squad. We aim for success on the field while making sure to reward our hard efforts off-field with fun social events. This will be our first international tournament together and we are looking forward to a weekend of football and fun, ending hopefully with a new drinking cup to take home with us!!"

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Country: Australia
City: Perth.
Team Color: Gold Tops Balck Shorts, Gold Socks
Captain: Ann Gourley/ Donna Douglas
Players: English, Irish, South African

We are a team made up of some experienced women and some young guns most of us have been playing in the leagues in Perth for the last 6-7 years. We have become good friends and are a very social bunch. We do love our football coming form the UK and we have instilled this passion in some of our young players. We are looking forward to the tournament and playing against different teams although the heat will be a challenge for our ageing back line but we do make up for the snails with our front line Dynamo strikers. We are now experts in cooking BBQ's so if there are any spots on the Barbies needing filled we are happy to step in!! Looking forward to a great tournament roll on November 2013 :)

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Country: Australia
City: Darwin
Team Color: Yellow & Black
Captain: Pauline Forte
Players: Australian

Mindil Tigers were establised in 2010 and have been very seccessful in our first 3 season winning 2 grand finals in 3 seasons. We are a team built on friendships and play by the Moto STB. At the end of every season we celebrate by traveling over sea's as a team and this year we are lucky enough to be involved in Thai 7's We are excited to meet other teams from around the world and run a muck in Phuket. TIGERS PUMP PHUKET!!!!! STB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Team Song
We are the Mindil Tigers
Beating teams across the land
Red and yellow, black and white
We will beat them in a fight
Because we are the

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Country: Australia
City: Sorrento, Perth.
Team Color: Sky Blue with Navy shorts
Captain: Vanessa O'Brien. Manager: Heather Kelland
Players: English, Welsh, N.Zealand, South African, Singaporian.

We are a team, let’s say, of mature aged ladies which formed in 2010 during the mid-life crises of 4 of our players. Recruiting players from England, Wales, South Africa, New Zealand and Singapore (luckily they all lived in Perth) we are very excited to play in our first International 7s Tournament. It will seem to us though, that the opposition will have an extra player, as our Central Defender’s strong point is scoring own goals. However, with Klean sheet Killeen in goal, Mad Max in the middle alongside our Duracell Bunny, and the two Welsh Wizards up front our aim is to play football, have fun and make friends. So, if we don’t meet and beat you on the pitch, we’ll meet and greet you in the bar.

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Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Team Color: Black
Captain: Shida / Celine
Players: Singaporean / Swiss / Canadian

Formed in 2011 by passionate individuals and started with recruitment of players via social network/forums, Winchester Isla FC has evolved over the years. As new as it gets, WIFC has played in the most competitive women's league in Singapore organised by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS). After ending this year's league season with FAS, we were looking for an exciting overseas trip for the team and decided to participate in the Phuket Women Soccer 7S tournament. This would be the team's first international tournament experience & the ladies are looking forward to test their skills against other international players. BUT most importantly, we hope to enjoy the game of soccer, make some friends across the nation & visit PHUKET!! ISLA ISLA ISLA HU HA!!

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