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Thailand International Soccer 7s - Football Sevens Tournaments - Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket - Thailand.
Thailand International Soccer 7s are Football Tournaments held in Bangkok, Phuket and Chonburi to Combine Leisure and Sport in the Land of Smiles.
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2012 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (90 teams)

2012 Songkran Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (20 teams)

2011 Phuket Soccer 7s


Phuket Sevens (75 teams)

2010 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (74 teams)

2010 Phuket Spicy 7s

Phuket Sevens (12 teams)

2009 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (64 teams)

2009 Phuket Spicy 7s

Phuket Sevens (13 teams)

2008 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (62 teams)

2008 Bangkok Soccer 7s

Bangkok Sevens (12 teams)

2007 Phuket Soccer 7s

Phuket Sevens (48 teams)

2007 Bangkok Soccer 7s

Bangkok Sevens (12 teams)

All Thai Soccer 7s Winners

Since the Thai Soccer 7s in 2003

2013 Songkran Soccer 7s

13 April 2013

2013 Sawasdee Soccer 7s

July 2013

2013 Andaman Soccer 7s

16-17 November 2013

2013 Phuket Soccer 7s

23-24 November 2013

2013 Womens Soccer 7s

16-17 November 2013

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Hi Alain and Tim!
On behalf of all Russia United players, I would like to say Thank You very much for organizing these great sport events with the Phuket 7s & Andaman 7s tournaments. We have been very happy to join the competition for the first time and now we will be in forever. We would like also to thanks everyone who was involved in the tournament, with high quality referees, Tanyapura people as well as every team who was in the competition. Now we are training very hard for the next Phuket 7s in April as we expect to bring home the Cup trophy. Best Wishes to everyone.
John, Manager of Russia United (Russia)

Hi Tim & Alain
We had a great time and thanks for the excellent arrangements. As you may recall, we had some issues about having too many players turn up this year (apologies again) so in anticipation of even greater interest next year, we’d like to pre-register for both the Open and Masters Tournaments at the Andaman 7s in 2012. Cheers.
Ian, Savills FC (Hong Kong)

Hi both,
Thanks again for the fantastic tournament back in Phuket! As usual it was perfectly organised. We would like to confirm Singapore Nord's participation at the Andaman 7s on Nov 17/18 2012. Best,
Sacha, Singapore Nord (Singapore)

Salut Alain,
Merci encore pour l'organisation de ces 2 tournois. On reviendra defendre notre titre l'annee prochaine avec plaisir.
Charles, Shanghai Lions (China)

Hey Tim & Alain,
Cinemaonline is in for Andaman 7s as usual. Love the pitch and raring to be back next year.
Thanks again.
Ezra, Cinema Online (Malaysia)

Tim & Alain,
I have made it safely back to Kuching, Malaysia. Thank you so much for allowing my team to play in your tournaments. We had two fantastic weekends in Phuket. It was very hard for us to leave the island. We are so excited to come back to Phuket. You mentioned that you have a tournament in April the Spicy 7s. Please put us down for that one. We definitely want to play in that one. And for the Phuket 7s and Andaman 7s, please reserve a place for Finexsys FC. Many thanks.
Kieron, Finexsys FC (Malaysia)

Dear Alain,
Thank you for the hospitality during the Phuket tournament, though we were not the champion, the team enjoyed the games. Many thanks.
Khalid AlJowder, Dnata FC (Dubai, U.A.E.)

Dear Tim, dear Alain,
On behalf of the team of HotelTravel.com FC I would like to thank you for this great event. It was a pleasure to participate and looking forward to next year. Thanks a lot for your support and looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Cheers!!!
Sascha Wondruschkam, HotelTravel.com FC (Thailand)

En esperant que le second tournoi s’est bien passé… Merci pour ton accueil la premiere semaine, toujours sympa de passer quelques jours a Phuket. A+
Fred, Kanto Celts (Japan)

Dear Tim and Alain,
Thanks again for the nice tournament and the perfect organization.
Even if we were ourselves well below our expectation, we've learnt a lot and we'll for sure be better prepared next time. Cheers,
Laurent, International Falang Football Club (Laos)

Bonjour Alain,
Encore un grand merci pour l organization, on a passé un excellent moment et on passera ton contact a la prochaine levee d etudiants de l INSEAD.
Nils, INSEAD FC (Sinpapore)

Tim and Alain,
Once again huge thanks from the Hanoi Drink team for these 2 great week-ends of football!
It was quite tough for us to compete in both categories and both week-ends but we have no regrets at all. We fully enjoyed once more the good level and spirit of football there and we have spent a very nice time all together in Phuket and Krabi. So if you are not tired yet of the Hanoi Drinkers, we can already confirm that we will make it again next year! We really wanted to try the 4 tournaments this year but we realized that it's a bit difficult for us to move a big squad from Hanoi for 2 week-ends (especially with the "usual" late cancellation of some players - 3 for the Andaman this time) and to deal with the injured players between the 2 week-ends (3 during the Andaman & 3 again during the Phuket), so we would rather sign for 3 tournaments next year: open and masters for the Andaman 7s and just the open for the Phuket 7s... if you agree of course! Thank you very much again for your efforts and keep us posted about the other events, who knows if our Thai 7s addiction will not strike us sooner than expected! Cheers,
Alexis, Hanoi Drink Team (Vietnam)

Dear Khun Alain,
Thank you for your information. Wish to have chance to meet you to discuss for next year coorperation soon. Best regards,
Kridhakorn, Bangkok Airways (Thailand)

Hi Alain,
Congratulations to both successful tournament, btw can I get some tournament materials which it had the HSP exposure on it I can get it from you in BKK and have chance to talk with you about next year tournament.
Akarin, Horseshoe Point Resort (Pattaya, Thailand)

Hi Alain,
Nice to hear that everything went well and you liked the party Venues. Lets talk about the party in Blow closer. Have a nice weekend as well!
Susanna Karranto, Seduction Beach Club (Phuket, Thailand)

Hi Alain!
Thank you for you email. Good to hear that you liked the water. Very nice pictures. Thank you again and best regards,
Henrik, Two chefs Grill & Bar (Phuket, Thailand)

Now that I have surfaced after the aftermath of last weekend, would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the BFC. We all thought the tournament flowed extremely well on over the two days and facilitated for some quality football to be played. We all had a tremendous time and are proud and privileged to have been associated with this event.
Once again many thanks
Pablo, British Tokyo FC (Japan)

Dear Tim and Alain,
Just a short message, on behalf of the Hanoi drink team, to thank you again for the organization of the last Phuket Spicy tournament. Once more (4 participations in thai 7s tournaments), we have fully enjoyed this long day of football on a very nice pitch and in a great atmosphere with good spirit from all teams. We also would like to let you know that we are wishing to participate in both november Phuket tournaments this year if there is still some room for us (we are getting kind of addicted now!) Thanks Tim, Merci Alain. Best regards,
Alexis, Hanoi Drink Team (Vietnam)

Hi Guys it as great meeting up with you after all. Yes, we did enjoy ourselves very much though it was short and sweet. That was a great effort considering time was so short top put up the show and it was a job well done. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Cheers !
Sanjiv, Bombay Gymkhana FC (India)

I very much enjoy refereeing at your tournaments. You and Tim just need to let me know numbers and I will arrange. I know all of the boys from the last tournament enjoyed themselves and would return. I look forward to having a beer or 10 with you in march. Regards,
Brad, Chief Referee (Singapore)

Dear Alain and Tim,
Warm compliments from the Bayon Wanderers F.C. Hope that everything is going conform your wishes! We would like to register a second Bayon Wanderers team in the Open Competition in the Phuket Tournament. Is that possible? Did you receive cancelations from one or another team? Looking forwards to hear from you soon, with warm greetings from,
Billy, Bayon Wanderers FC (Cambodia)

Hi Alain again thanks for a great tournament on the weekend, the London Panthers have landed safely back in London. Realised on the plane that we were also mentioned in the Bangkok Post which is awesome coverage. I remember you showing the Thai newspaper 'Kick Off' to me just before we left and we were unable to buy a copy at the airport. Would you be so kind as to scan it and email the newspaper clip to myself. Thanks a lot for your help and definitely hope to see you next year, if not in Phuket. Regards,
Bobby, Panthers FC (UK)

Thanks for another great tournament, my lads all had a great time. Not sure about November yet, but will keep you informed. Please make it out to Footy Japan Ltd. Thanks
Sid Lloyd, Footy Japan (Japan)

First of all thanks for everything during the tournament. Thanks once again and will surely see you guys next year again. Regards
Javed, Calcutta Cricket & Football Club (India)

Tim & Alain,
Thanks again for a fun tournament…we had a good time and the weather was perfect. Regards,
Cobby, Royal Bangkok Spot Club (Thailand)

Dear Tim and Alain,
Thanks very much for organizing the Bangkok 7s. Bangkok Vets enjoyed the outing in a fair and gentelmanly competition. Please keep us informed of 2009 Bangkok 7s. Kind regards,
EG, Bangkok Vets League (Thailand)

Thanks for a great weekend, which was well organised and most enjoyable, we shall return!
Once again many thanks
Duncan, Tien Mu B52 FC (Taiwan)

Congratulations with your last event - i hope the publicity we gave you on Football Crazy helped. Merci beaucoup, a bientot..
Dave, Football Crazy (Singapore)

Great job guys!!! we are all happy because we played well and I do not think there were many grumbles, If we do not see you in Pattaya we will see you in Phuket. Thanks,
Martin, Soccer Experience (Malaysia)

Hi Guys it as great meeting up with you after all. Yes, we did enjoy ourselves very much though it was short and sweet. That was a great effort considering time was so short top put up the show and it was a job well done. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Cheers !
Sanjiv, Bombay Gymkhana (India)

Thanks for the mail, and thanks for organising a great tournament.
It is always a pleasure to come to Bangkok and we enjoyed it again this year. So, many positive things that you guys do but here are a few that spring to mind: 7 a side is a good number for a travelling team, Venues/Pitches have been good in Bangkok both in 05 & 06, Cost is reasonable, Great to see teams from all over Asia, and beyond. The games were played in excellent spirit. Good refs, Food was really good at the venue, Great to have a swimming pool, Website and photos are great, The tournaments seem to run on time!
Ben, Singapore Hibernians (Singapore)

Overall it was excellent. Thanks
Francois Dotta, Latini FC (Singapore)

Thanks again for organising this great tournament. All my guys liked it very much, part of it you could witness yourselves during the nights on Bangla.
Pitch and venue was the best you ever had, hope you can do it again. I see nothing which speaks again our 7th participation next year.
Daniel Berger, Shanghai Krauts (China)

Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. It must have been terribly problematical for you behind the scenes with all the disruption caused at the 11th hour. The pitch was a major plus this year, albeit a long way to travel, but I’d say it was worth the additional minutes in the minibus once we were there.
Stuart Tunbridge, Boca Seniors (Hong Kong)

Last wekends tournament was really great!
But so far everything perfectly arranged. Venue was perfect, the food good and the tents provided enough shade to rest. Also the atmosphere with the other teams was really good. What really surprised me, that everybody played very fair and nobody was overly motivated.
Markus, German All Stars (Singapore)

Generally it was excellent as usual! Big compliments!
Sacha Eugster, Singapore Nord (Singapore)

Thanks for a nice tournament. We will definately show up next year again in November, but rather take a flight that time..
Johan Muhlman, Scandinavian Vikings (Thailand)

Just to let you know that we have all returned home safely and to thank you both for allowing us to compete in your tournament. The facilities was perfect and the organisation of the tournament was spot on. I was most impressed with the first aid/medical staff that were ready and available on site. I would definitely recommend this tournament to others.
Rob, Bakare Football Club (UK)

Encore un grand merci pour ce Tournoi. Les Marseillais ont dans leur peregrination nocturne de Samedi soir oublie la coupe dans un tuk-tuk. Je ne sais pas si ils t’en ont parle hier ou bien si la fatigue aidant ils ont peut etre omis, Ils voulaient en racheter une aujourd’hui. Si tu peux les aider, sinon je serai sur Marseille fin Mai, pourrions nous en cadeau leur en faire passer une replique avec la plaque souvenir ? A te lire, bonne journee, je suis actuellement a SGP et ne serai de retour que mardi soir tres tard.
Philippe, for Marseille All Stars (France)


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