Women Soccer 5s

Dear Ladies, Welcome to The Original Phuket Women Football 5s! (Formerly Phuket Women Soccer7s)Phuket Womens Soccer 7s

It might have taken 10 years but since 2012 we finally have an annually women’s category in the Phuket International Soccer 7s tournaments organized during November.

In previous years, the Phuket Women 7s, a dozen of teams was in the competition from Australia, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Thailand. This year, we are pleased to introduce a Women 5-a-Side Tournament to be held in Patong Beach. This is not Futsal. We have 3 synthetic grass fields (50m x 30m) with 7-a-side goals (see below for dates and more details).

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These tournaments do not happen without the support of companies. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Patong Resort Hotel (official hotel) and Bar Funk (welcome party). Thank you also to the business on Soi Patong who contribute, namely Salute Pizzeria and Karlsson’s Bar & Restaurant (for your food needs).

To our other sponsors, advertisers and individuals whose support and efforts have contributed to make this tournament one of the largest and most popular in South East Asia, a huge thank you.
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Whether its your 1st time or 8th time we hope you enjoy the Phuket International Soccer Experience.

And as always, we ask that you approach your games in the true spirit of international friendship and sportsmanship.

Have a great sports holiday!
Tournament Organizers

Next Phuket International Women Soccer/Football Tournament:

2023 Phuket Women Football 5s

  • Dates : 11-12 November 2023 ▶️ This venue is confirmed for 2023!
  • Format : 5-a-side (3 synthetic fields 50m x 30m with 7s goals).
  • Category : Open Women (10 players max. per team)
  • Location : Patong Football FC, Phuket Island.

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▶️ Photo Gallery with over 70,000 Pics ▶️ www.ThaiSevens.com

Tournament Information

* Participating teams from previous tournaments will be given preference until 1st April.

* Please only nominate if you have enough players to fill a team – we have had many last-minute withdrawals as teams do not have enough players.

* If you are nominating 2 teams, please make sure you have enough for 2 teams. We cannot guarantee that game times might not clash.

* A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will need to be paid to demonstrate your commitment.

* The Facebook Page is online at www.facebook.com/PhuketWomen5s with over 3,600 followers, so just click “LIKE” in order to be connected with us and getting all latest news.

* More info about Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome Letter from Sarah Willington: (Tournament Referee)

Welcome to the Phuket Women Football Tournament, bought to you for your enjoyment by Tim and Alain. The Phuket 7s have been running for 18 years and the women tournament is to help take this event to the next level.
The Thanypura Sports Complex is a world class venue and it is a pleasure to be able to officiate at this ground along with my fellow referees from around the world.
Phuket is a great place to shop, relax by the beach, or see some great sights and attractions.
I look forward to meeting you at the Welcome Party which is being held in Bangla road but most importantly I’m looking forward to seeing you guys play some great football.
I hope you enjoy your stay in Phuket.
See you on the Park

Previous Phuket Women Soccer 7s Tournaments:

2016 Phuket International Women Soccer 7s (Winners)

Cup Champions – Deloitte Ladies FC (Singapore)
Cup Runners-Up – Goodbellas FC (Hong Kong)

2015 Phuket International Women Soccer 7s (Winners)

Cup Champions – Deloitte Ladies FC (Singapore)
Cup Runners-Up – Goodbellas FC (Hong Kong)

Phuket International Women Soccer 7s

2014 CLA Phuket International Women Soccer 7s (Winners)
Cup Champions – Kelmscott Ross FC (Australia)
Cup Runners-Up – Cairns Cassowaries (Australia)
Bowl Champions – Vanneroo City (Australia)
Bowl Runners-Up – Show Di Bola (Macao)

Phuket Women Soccer 7s Photo Gallery:

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Phuket Soccer 7s Tournament Magazine:

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