2013 Andaman & Phuket Soccer 7s

Hi Everyone,

We are now taking expressions of interest for the 2013 Andaman & Phuket Soccer 7s.

16/17 Nov  – Open, Masters O’35s (born 1978 and before) & Womens
23/24 Nov  – Open, Masters O’40s (born 1973 and before)

Participating teams last year tournament will be given preference until 1st June 2013.

If your team is not in the following list for the 2013 Andaman & Phuket Soccer 7s, thanks to contact us ASAP for registration. KL Misfits, Malaysian Grasshoppers, French Team 1, French Team 2, Alexander Fiona FC, Hong All Stars, PJ Wildest, Welcome Sydney, Boca’s Juniors, Bombay Gymkhana, Hanoi Drink Team, Hibernians Singapore, Savills FC, Shanghai Krauts, Shanghai Lions, Boca Seniors, CinemaOnline, Hanoi Drink Team Masters, Hibernians Singapore, Hong All Stars Masters, Northern Lions, Savills FC, Singapore Nord, Spartans FC, Rangers FC.

Please noted that this year, each category will be limited to 20 teams maximum.

Online form registration for teams

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